space-toad-in-new-town-tavern1Contact.             Dr Space Toad, Troubadour from the 16th Dimension Space Toad Electric  a.k.a Jean Paul Dionysus , Paul Francis le Troubadour“,J.P. Ruskinson
is an International and intergalactic Troubadour based presently in the 16th dimension. He is like a 13th Century Troubadour but Modern as he has traveled to the 21st Century. He has written over 200 songs, some about love, some are Mystical, Poetic, Ironical, philosophical and environmental. He can also play other genres of music and has different personas for different styles. Ie. Pablo Francisco de la Fronterra (Spanish Classical Guitar player)  , Paul Morrison (Folk) . Jean Paul Francoise (Chansons Francaise  , Blues (Blue Toad) and Repertoire of 60,s/70’s Rock and Pop Classics (Space).Or all of these thrown into one in the form of his Human Jukebox persona.
(He is also available for guitar and vocal) tuition.Contact:

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