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See below for listings of some of Dr Space Toad's recordings, now available. To order click on the links or contact Space Toador order mp3's now from CDBABY
Dr Space Toad Experience: Time Machine

Glastonbury Festival CD with Dr Space Toad on it

Paul Francis (Dr Spacetoad), has written a number of environmental songs one of which 'The Lament Of The Tree', is the tenth track on this CD. It is a compilation of artists from the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival and there is an environmental theme to this CD. Order the CD through Amazon.co.uk.

Time Machine

Track listing for Time Machine: This CD is available through

1. Introduction
2. Time Machine
3. Not Unusual to be Unusual
4. Tragic Nature
5. Trying to be Weird
6. Set the Controls
7. Carnival Town
8. Don't Push the River
9. My Old Mate the Coypu
10. Dance of the Toad


New and old songs with drummer Prince Ash.
A highly atmospheric recording of some of Space Toad's favourites going right back to his early days in Norwich. Accompanied by members of his Dr Spacetoad Experience band including Captain Sensible, Monty and Captain Barrington-White.


21st Century Troubadour

1. Moon is a dandy
2. September
3. Rainbow
4. Don't push the river
5. Looking glass
6. Looking for love
7. Sorrow of the moon - Baudeliare
8. The Jewel
9. The lament of the tree
10 Troubadour of the 4th dimension
11. Shangrila
12. Journey of Icarus
13. Walking to the trees

Au revoir Bruno

1. Dorian Grey
2. Ne poussez pas le fleuve
3. Septembre
4. Balade a travers les bois
5. Bolero
6. Toujours un artiste
7. Rainbow
8. Au revoir Bruno

The world is upside down

1. Fool to believe in love
2. Holding time
3. Special man
4. Sam Green
5. Pink hat
7. Sitting by the river
8. After the show
9. The world is upside down
10.. When you're in love
11. Wake up

Je veux retourner a Paris


1. On trouve les cons partout
2. L'arc en ciel
3. Est ce que c'est ca l'amour
4. La lune est un dandy
5. Je veux retourner a Paris
6. Lamentation d'un arbre
7. Orange et bleu
8. Pourquoi as tu change?
9. La fille au chapeau rose
10. La vaniteuse
11. Au revoir mon pere

Guitare Classique - Paul Francis


1. Pavane du 16eme siecle. Pays bas.
2. Alemande. 16eme siecle francais
3. Pavana. 16eme siecle Espagnol, Gasper Sanz
4. Spanish Folia
5. Tambousin. Francais. F Coupersin
6. Fantasia. 17 siecle Espagnol, Alonso Mudarra.
7. Bolero. Danse Espagnol, Bartolome Calatay.
8. Fado. Portugues.
9. Solea. Espagnol.
10. Asturias Espagnol. Albeniz.
11. Fandango. Espagnol.
12. Concerto de Aranjuez. Joaquim Rodrigo.

Mystical Pantomime


1. Minstrel called time
2. Rainbow
3. Ode to an elf
4. September
5. Sensitive artist
6. This time
7. The moon is a dandy
8. Shangrila
9. Mystical pantomime
10. Dance of the toad
11. The sailor and the magician
12. Wings of astral flight
13. November breeze

The Labrynth


1. The sailor and the magician
2. Troubadour from the 4th dimension
3. Looking for love
4. September
5. The lament of the tree
6. The labyrinth
7. Moon is a dandy

Jean Paul Ruskinson and the Blue Warthogs

Jean Paul Dionysus, Brothers and Sisters

JeanPaulDionysus"The Moon is a Dandy"

This page gives a selection of recordings Paul has made. These recordings are available
To buy one of these CD'S click on the links

or order through the Amazon site.
Dr Space Toad Experience: Time Machine

Primarily, Paulo Francis le Troubadour aka Dr Space Toad is a creative artiste who writes his own compositions.He has written many evocative songs: Carnival Town, The Moon is a Dandy, Don't push the River, Lament of the Tree, The Vagabond, September, Je Veux Retourner A Paris, On trouve des cons par tout, The Sailer and the Magician, My Old Mate the Coypu ,Gone too far, Troubled dreams, Neptunes daughtet, Purple Mood, The journey of Icarus, Soldier for a different cause, Looking glass, The Jewel, Troubadour from the fourth dimension, Looking for Love, and many more.

This unique artiste can be booked online to play concerts either performing his own material solo or with his band "The Docter Space Toad Experience".

Or solo playing covers in his inimitable, ecclectic style. (over one thousand learnt in his busking days). He is a Human Duke Box and can perform material ranging from the Doors,Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Jaques Brel, David Bowie, The Water Boys,Tom Jones, Gipysy Kings, and The Rolling Stones etc.

Paul also has a large number of Irish folk songs in his repetoire which he plays on Spanish guitar and mandolin.
He is a versatile artiste who can play Folk,, Rock, Pop,Blues, Variety Francaise, Spannish Classical Guitar and Baroque . He has played mediaval banquets,parties,soirees', weddings, pubs, restaurants,festivals, streets, teraces,a fashion boutique in Amsterdam in fact, virtually any venue that one can imagine, he has even played on the Moon but found playing on the the Sun a little too hot although Venus was much to his liking and Venice too.

More Videos:

The Dr Space Toad Experience play Brighton Feb. 2010

The Troubadour from the 13 th Dimension

Click on the arrow above to see Space Toad perform at the Astoria London supporting Arthur Brown. 4 minute video on YouTube for fast playing.
The Fool JP Ruskinson Book of Mistakes Mystical Pantomime
Purple Mood The Great River Blue Warthogs Long Journey
> Dr Spacetoad, singing Carnival of Venus(Carnival Town) live with his group The Dr Spacetoad Experience at the Real Music Club Brighton 2010

Paul sings his song Rainbow

Dr Space Toad and Captain Sensible at the Evening Star Brighton 2010 playing a version of Pauls song the legendary "My old Mate the Coypu"

Paul plays Spannish guitar piece Bolero
Dr Spacetoad, singing Trying to be wierd live with his group The Dr Spacetoad Experience at the Real Music Club Brighton 2010


Paul sings his version of the traditional Irish Folk song "The Star of the County Down" in a Parisian Bar.

Paul sings Carreckfergus at a friends birthday party.

Paul plays "She moved through the Fair"

Paul plays Danny Boy

Paulo sings Whiskey in the Jar

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