Dr Jean Paul Ruskinson Dionysus Space Toad  Has so far founded two Religions.                                                                                                                                                                                           1. The most accesible for most humans is “The Batenburg Lodge”. To join the Lodge fist you have to be accepted as suitable material. Dr Space Toad will acces wether you are marginally insaine enough in the righ way. Then you will have to donate 6 Batenburg Cakes and 3 Bottles of good quality Red Wine, plus a gift. The  you will be initiated into the Lodge and be able to atend all the meeting and functions including private Concerts played by the man himself, the High Priest of the Lodge. Dr Jean Paul Ruskinson Dionysus Space Toad. If you are interested start by sending him an e mail. The rules of the religeon are laid out in a small book. You must also take the “Hipocritic oath” swearing that you will always be true to yourself in being a Hipocrit thus ironically freeing yourself of any hipocracy.                                                                                                                                                                           2. “Coypu Conciousness” Guru Mc Coypu ordained Dr Jean Paul Ruskinson Dionysus Space Toad as the High Priest and made him the almost human (Demigod) representative of all the Coypus on Earth including certain Extra Terrestrial Coypus. His comandments where written on a Lily Pad which Dr Jean Paul Ruskinson Dionysus Space Toad then painstakinglly transfered into the Coypu Conciousness Hand Book. Wich will be given to you if you ask to join and are accepted into the Coypu Conciousness Religion.                        Then you will have to give a small or large donoation to join. Only one of the comandments can be stated here as the others are not available for non members. The first of Guru Mc Coypus comandments is 1. “Love everyone accept people you dont like.”          As you can see it gives you more freedom than many other religions who tell you to love people you dont like which most people find very difficoult but pretend that they dont. These people would be better off taking the Hipocritic oath so they may be better off joining the Batenburg Lodge.                                                                                                           Again please send an e mail to Dr Jean Paul Ruskinson Dionysus Space Toad if you are interested in joining Coypu Conciousness.

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