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Dr Space Toad. Intergalactic and International Troubadour from the 16th Dimension : Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Electric Guitarist, Classical Spanish guitarist, Mandolin playing Minstrel, Renaissence man,  Folk singer, songs original or from many different genres, poet, author, actor, painter. sit down comedian (also standing up for standing Ovations….not guitars). “>Dr Space Toad   also known asElectric Toad also known as” Paul Francis le Troubadour  , Jean Paul Dionysus (or Dionysius) , Paul Morrison (Folk)  , Pablo Francisco de la Frontera (entre la luna y Jupiter), Sir Francis Dragonfly, and Jean Paul Ruskinson  . Different names for different genres and different musical reincarnations. He was born on Ganimedes, a moon of Jupiter, not that far from a planet called the Earth you may have heard of where a species of creature called Human beings live amongst a vast array of other animals and insects.. His wondering nature took him to the Earth’s Moon where he ate some porridge with Dr Do-little and started his musical career at the early age of 4. with his band called “Charley Farley and the Electric Rusks “. Then forming a Punk band called the “Toads”, who soon built up a big local following but sadly had a short lived career as the others threw him out of the band for being too strange.Ironically his nom de plume at this time was “The Stranger”. He then became a recluse, painting many pictures trying to convey a vision of enlightenment that he had experienced. He hopes to have an exhibition of these at some point. Then going through a musical evolution forming various bands such as short lived “The Zink Ambassadors”,and “the Ebony Set” who also had local success but split as they were beginning to take off. His next band was”The Psychotics” a strange band. Then The Blue Warthogs who were a psychedelic rock guitar band who played around Norfolk, Europe and also Dingwalls and other venues in London, doing a short tour of Holland before splitting up. He then formed the Ruskinsons this deriving their name from his own stage name at the time: Jean Paul Ruskinson. This band was best described as a psychedelic jazz/rock/folk/fusion band. When the Ruskinsons split he played gigs as a solo acoustic singer songwriter under the name of Jean Paul Dionysus mainly in London and (occasionally in Paris) where he recorded his Album” The Moon is a Dandy ( called the Fool at the time) which had great write ups in the national Music papers at the time. Although fame eluded him he was just a hair’s breadth away. He had a manager for a short while, a music Journalist Henry W who discovered him playing in the Troubadour café and was blown away by his talent believing him to be a genius. He wrote an article about him in a Maior Music paper which caused some interest and introduced him to the violin player of the Waterboys with the idea of forming a new band but stupidly Jean Paul turned down this offer later to regret it, yet another mistake like in his CD “Book of mistakes” (and answers) made later in Sweden. But Jean Paul had just been being accompanied by another fantastic Violinist who played some great licks on Jean Paul’s CD “The Fool”(The Moon is a Dandy)the one that Henry reviewed very favourably at that time. “It is still on sale,  mp3 down loads on are available on CD Baby(see link bellow) and vinyl copy’s available on the Music CD’s page of this website                                                                          . Jean Paul Dionysus Ruskinson3
As a solo artist/ folk singer played and busked around England , Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe and Europa(one of the moons of Jupiter), In London at this time busking in the underground and performing in venues such as The Troubadour, Bungies, The Town and Country Club, Gods Little Joke, The Poodle Lounge and Club Dog etc. The picture at left was taken at the Legendary Troubadour Café where he hosted his own evening for three years.”An evening with Jean Paul Dionysus” and guests as it was advertised in the “Time Out Magazine”. After a little time, Jean Paul became known as ‘The Troubadour’ and the Jim Morrison of folk (his folk name now is Paul Morrison). The Troubadour Cafe where legends like Dylan and Paul Simon had played in the 60’s and the other new acoustic venues were a platform for the rich variety of artistes around at the time such as Keziah Jones, Sam Green, Ference Azman, David Ryan, PJ Fahey, John Owen, Roddie’s Miro, Praying for rain, Dan Driscoll, Rupert Slade, Tammy Yusaf, Julia Palmer and Sonja Kristina of “Curved Air”(who stumbeled across the scene whilst making her accoustic comeback) to name but a few. Jean Paul was a catalyst and a pivotal figure in this emerging accoustic/folk renaissance.

After London disillusioned with the competitive nature of the scene he spent a spell in the West Country playing mainly in Bristol, Bath, in the Bath and Glastonbury, a trip to Cardiff and an Irish tour, mainly Dublin and Galway. He then returned to back to the Moon where he formed a new band, ‘The Time Machine’. and played regular solo gigs in local pubs including one called the Vine the smallest pub in a local town but with the largest amount of eccentrics. His concerts in the Vine were just as much a spontanious, bizare theatrical comedy show as a musical event with a lot of audience participation. (with more info on the Vine eccentrics in Dr Space Toads his forthcoming book “The death of Dionysus and the birth and life and Times of Dr Space Toad”). Hence then back in Naarwich from the Moon, he also got involved in the Theatre discovering a talent for acting and was soon plunged into the deep end in (of) The Edinburgh Festival (also playing his music in the Festival club after the shows).See more on Theatre page of website. He then spent considerable time in a town called “Evil Town” known by some as Brighton after a spontanious appearance in the Free Festival there where the people said that they had fallen under the spell of his magical Mandolin playing. In Evil Town after having reinventing himself as ‘Doctor Space Toad’. he started his own club”Club Space Toad”, a club for poets, musicians, singer-songwriters, local exentrics and sad lunatics (Locos perdidos) from the end of time. It was here that his new band, The Doctor Space Toad Experience, came together organically sometime in the 90’s.  Dr Space Toad Experience .Youngspace-toad-3

The band toured around the North and South of a place called England, in London:The Marquee Club, The Astoria(a little later), The Kingston Green Fair amongst others. Brighton and all along the South cost including festivals in Cornwall and in Belgium, and making regular appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury(in the Rainbow Dragon field with PA run by bicycle power) and the fabulous Big Green Gathering. This band was described as weird,wonderful and vaudeville accompanied by Captain
on bass guitar and other eccentrics.This band lay claim to notoriety, since they were the only Dada-ist band in existence….The Dr Space Toad Experience brought out an inter-galactic concept album called ‘Time Machine’ which is available on CD Baby for mp3 down loads and on the website page Music CD’s. There is also another CD Called “Venusian”.However they last played together a about ten years ago which is may be just a little bit too long so he is looking for new recruitments to form a new band but in the meantime has been persuing his solo career as always. The Troubadour spreads his message of love , light, laughter and magic.

Keeping his hand in by regular busking in London, Brighton,
Paris, Amsterdam, and Venice and the South of France etc. Continuing in the Minstrel Tradition spreading light and enchantment.
Here is a picture of The Troubadour playing outside Windsor Castle. The wonderful image of the castle in the background, helps make this image especially magical considering his timeless minstrel persona. He was hoping to live there but the occupants were not very receptive to the idea. In the last few years, he has played extensively throughout Europe: ), Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome, Taranto), Spain ( Andalucia, Granada, Seville,Malaca, Xavia, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Iznalloz, etc), Portugal (Porto, Faro, Albufeira), Greace (Crete, Patmos, Paros, Athens), Switzerland (Berne), France ( Grenoble, Nantes, Lesneven, Montpellier, Limoges, Paris and many more.), and Holland (Amsterdam, Rotterdam,) Cheque Republic (Pilsn), Hungary (Budapest), Malta, Sweden (Gothenburg, Karlstad, Stockholm etc.) and Norway. Van Gogh and Rembrant are two of Space Toad’s favourite artists and In Amsterdam he also performed in the French Boutique “Agnes b” and in various Spanish restaurants and Irish bars there including the infamous Blarney Stone and of course some Dutch Bars too for good measure. He has made quit a number of appearances in Spain, for example in the “Carbonaria” in Seville where apparently the Late, Great, Paco de Lucia played near the beginning of his incredible career (sadly missed). Space (Pablo) loves Spanish guitar and Flamenco and now for a number of years, he has been studying the techniques of this incredible music including a number of classical pieces from the sixteenth century. More about his adventures traveling whilst playing music can be seen in his Books notably “The Trials and Tribulations of a twenty First Century Troubadour in Paris” available on Amazon . Also look under the heading “Books”(a use full tip).                                                                                                                                        
These two pictures are from the gig that Space did supporting Sonja Kristina of  the legendary progressive psychedelic band Curved Air (making her acoustic come back) at the Concorde in Brighton. On a few of his songs, he was joined by two other musicians: violinist Azhaar (of Wild Flower fame) and Monty the Moron(now playing Keyboardist in the Damned) on percussion. At the Concord on another occasion he also supported The Groundhogs, there is a live recording of this gig. He also supported Arthur Brown there and others including once supporting himself as the main act. But just because he likes the music of 60’s especially “Flower Power” doesn’t mean that he is from this epoque, he is in fact much younger being born in 1668. For a short period at this time he had a manager nick named David Burn´t Backon who also helped to produce his Album “Long Journey” soon to be re unveiled on the Music CD’s page.

He is an international and Intergallactic Artist/Troubadour who has spent much time travelling, living ( if he is alive) and playing around the Universe. He has also played many concerts and produced two albums in French and also translated two of his plays into the language. His  wondering, vagabond, gypsy, roving spirit has guided him through many different Cities, places and phases..and phases of the moon but he has not yet found his true love at the Fair as she could not make him a Cambric shirt without any seams or needlework. He is busy always playing, sometimes doing live radio appearances playing live tracks from his new CD and old ones, composing songs,  and recording for his next albums and forthcoming concerts and writing poetry and his new books. His latest Album “The Route to the Heavens” was recently been released and can be obtained on the Music CD’s page of this site.                                                                                                                      Like many creative people, Space draws his inspiration from many diverse
artistes and the wonderful, European capitals he has visited. One such
artiste, Jacques Brel, the Belgian songwriter has had a profound influence
on Space who covers some of Brel’s songs i.e. The Port of Amsterdam and Ne’me
quite pas in his own inimitable style. Another artiste who
has moved him, is Mike Scott of the Water Boys who like Space expresses
his music with a deep passion. David Bowie has also influenced Space with
his Chameleon like qualities and inventiveness. He also has great respect for Bob Dylan and wrote a song about him which appears on his “Brothers and Sisters” CD calling him the Sage of the Aquarian age but thinks that Leonard Cohen was a truly great poet too. Last but certainly not
least, Space has also has an affinity for the meta-physical lyrics and
music of the late, great Jim Morrison (one of those rare artists who depased the concept of Nationality but had an empathy and facination for the original native Indians.).

S3b space-toad-in-new-town-tavern
Space aka Dr Space Toad or Paulo is a True Troubadour who has written over two hundred songs, the lyrics range from romantic to the mystical, environmental, surreal and anything in between.
Space’s lyrics are very poetic, indeed he is a poet as well as a painter, writer, actor and composer. His favourite poets and authors, are Charles Baudelaire, Federico Garcia Lorca, Fernando Arrabal, Byron, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Flan O Brian, Picasso (yes he was a poet too), Hermann Hesse and Guru Mc Coypu. He is also a fan of Luis Bunuel and El Perro Andaluz.
He is currently working on his forthcoming book’s “The life and Times of Dr Space Toad” ,”The death of Dionysus” and compiling a book of his lyrics and poetry which will hopefully be available soon along with his BOOK “The Trials and Tribulations of a Twenty-First Century Troubadour in Paris” which is under his name as an Author Available from Amazon ! See Book page for more details!
He has to date produced more than 16 CDS of music most of which are available on the “Music CD´s” page.

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  1. Just one little post to say to you that I love your writing style and your creativity. Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian.

  2. Patrick says:

    Well what do you know?- I saw the “Toads” In Norwich Arts Centre. First Norwich gig I went to.

    You never know you might get something out of it.

    Turn to automatic go around go around and around.

    Go around the town again.

    Go around the town and back again.

    Shadows in the city light.

    You never know what you might find.

    Or pebbles stuck in concrete no more rolling stones.

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