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Dr Space Toad. Intergalactic and International Troubadour from the 16th Dimension : Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Electric Guitarist, Classical Spanish guitarist, Mandolin playing Minstrel and Wondering Bard, Renaissence man,  Folk singer, songs original,and from many different genres, and dimensions. Poet, author, actor, painter, comedian. Philosopher, Existentialiste and Symboliste. “>Dr Space Toad   also known asSpace Toad also known as” Paul Francis le Troubadour  , Jean Paul Dionysus (or Dionysius) , Paul Morrison (Folk)  , Pablo Francisco de Nunca, and Jean Paul Ruskinson…See more Music on CD page.

Dr Space Toad  is a Troubadour who has played music all his life begining his musical carear at the age of 4. Originaly from Neptune. He has written over two hundred songs, (not all of which have been recorded yet)the lyrics range from romantic to the mystical, environmental, surreal and anything in betwean.
His favourite poets and authors who have inspired him are Charles Baudelaire, Federico Garcia Lorca, Fernando Arrabal, Byron, Oscar Wilde, Flan O Brian, Pablo Picasso (yes he was a poet too), Hermann Hesse, Theodore de Banville, and Franz Kafka among many others. He is also a fan of Luis Bunuel and El Perro Andaluz.
He is currently working on his forthcoming book’s “The life and Times of Dr Space Toad” ,”The death of Dionysus” and compiling a book of his lyrics and poetry which will hopefully be available soon along with his books “The Trials and Tribulations of a Twenty-First Century Troubadour in Paris” “Le Mariage du Roi Bizare” and “The Thwarted Tangentialist” ! “Ne pousez pas le Fleuve”,”The Centipede from Atlantis” and ” Gerald the Pig”.                                                                                                                                                       See Book page for more details on Books!     See CD page for details on CD’s etc.                                                                                                                                                    Jean Paul Dionysus. A True … Troubadour who played in “The Troubadour” Cafe, The Poodle Lounge in Club Dog. etc. Glastonbury. Dublin, Venecia, Athens, Patmos, Esauira. Dans la quartier Latin a Paris. Et beaucoup d’áutres venues. He inspired many people around him with his enchanting music, poetry, lyrics and whimsical sense of humour and charisma. He was a hairs breadth away from fame ( although he was fameophobic and a master of self sabotage) but had no manager or agent to leap-frog him into the big-time amongst the little fairy folk. Il avais un leipreachán que a jouer la violin sur son Chapeaux haut du form. He later became Dr Space Toad along with various other nom de plumes.

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  1. Just one little post to say to you that I love your writing style and your creativity. Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian.

  2. Patrick says:

    Well what do you know?- I saw the “Toads” In Norwich Arts Centre. First Norwich gig I went to.

    You never know you might get something out of it.

    Turn to automatic go around go around and around.

    Go around the town again.

    Go around the town and back again.

    Shadows in the city light.

    You never know what you might find.

    Or pebbles stuck in concrete no more rolling stones.

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