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Dr Space Toad is a True Inter-galactic Troubadour and Bard who has written over two hundred songs, the lyrics range from romantic to the mystical, environmental, surreal and anything in between. However not all have them have been properly recorded and some have been lost. If anyone finds any of them lying in the gutters of Pluto please let him know.
His lyrics are very poetic and as well he is a painter, writer, actor and composer. Although more appreciated on other planets than this one. His favourite poets, are Baudelaire, Lorca, Byron, ,Oscar Wilde, Flan O' Brian, and Guru Mc Coypu amongst many others.
He is currently compiling a book of his lyrics and poetry which will be available soon along with his book "The Trials and Tribulations of a Twenty-First Century Troubadour in Paris "Which is available Amazon. Along with a few others of his books: Ne Poussez pas le Fleuve, The Thwarted Tangentialist, The Marriage du Roi Bizare and Gerald the Pig. See Books page for details! Click on main page below
He has to date produced more than 16 CDS of music most of which are available. Here are some:

Dr Space Toad, for a while known as Paul Francis le Troubadour also known as Jean Paul Dionysus, Jean Paul Ruskinson, and Francisco de La Frontera. He was born on Chiron, many light years away from a place called earth. (Check out on the time machine cd "set the controls for the heart of the earth) His wondering nature took him to the Moon where ate some Poridge with Dr Do little and started his musical career more can be read about this in one of his forth coming books. He then went through a musical evolution forming many bands of which The Phsycotics and Ebony Set are the only ones that he has recordings of from that period in 10.00000 years B.C. Then followed His next band The Blue Warthogs, a psychedelic rock guitar band who played around the Universe and in Londinium, doing a short tour of the mountains of Holland before splitting up. He then formed the Ruskinsons this deriving their name from his own stage name at the time: Jean Paul Ruskinson. This band was best described as a psychedelic jazz rock, folk fusion band. When the Ruskinsons split, he went to Londinium, playing gigs as an acoustic singer songwriter under the name of Jean Paul Dionysus
He played around London in venues such as The Troubadour,Bungies, , The Poodle Lounge at Club Dog etc. After a little time, Jean Paul became known as 'The Troubadour'. The Troubadour and the other new acoustic venues were a platform for the rich variety of artistes around at the timeJean Paul was a catalyst and became a pivotal figure in this emerging scene
After three years, Jean Paul left Londinium disillusioned with the competitive nature of the scene. He returned to the Moon after a brief spell in the West which if you go far enough becomes the East. (See his song gone too far on Venusian) and trips to France and Ireland. He then formed a new band short lived band, 'The Time Machine'. And made his solo álbum The Great River. and also got involved in the theatre, discovering a talent for acting. Then he went to Evil Town where after having reinventing himself as 'Doctor Spacetoad'. he started Club Space Toad, a club for poets, musicians, singer-songwriters, local exentricks and sad lunatics from the end of time. It was here that his new band, The Doctor Spacetoad Experience, came together organically as they all came regularly to the club.
The band toured around the North and South of making regular appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury and the the Big Green Gathering. This band was described as weird,wonderful and vaudeville withCaptain Sensible on bass guitar, 'Monty the Oxy Moron', a psychiatric nurse ( or possibly patient) on keyboards and a succession of insane drummers. This band can lay claim to notoriety, since it became known as the only Dada-ist band in existence.... Dr Spacetoad and the band brought out an inter-galactic concept album called 'Time Machine' (there is another great one less know called "Venusian") which is available on
As well as fronting 'the Experience', Space Toad also kept a busy gigging and recording schedule with his solo acoustic act, playing at many venues throughout the world and the Universe etc.
In this perios he produced two new solo folk cd,s Called The Mystical Pantomime and Long Journey. There are also live solo recording yet to be released. Keeping his hand in by regular busking on Saturn,Evil Town,Paris, Amsterdam, Venice and even Marrakesh, he continued in the Minstrel tradition. Here is a picture of him playing outside a Castle. The wonderful image of the castle in the background,( although he wasnt given a room there) helps make this image especially magical portraying his timeless minstrel persona. For more details see. www.Paulfrancistroubadourspacetoad.com In the last few years, he has played extensively throughout France, Italy, Spain and Holland Van Gogh is one Space's favourite artists. like him he often feals that he will probablly only be appreciated when he is dead, and maybe not even then. He was the only musician allowed to play outside Rembrants house because at the time they thought he resembled this magnificent artist.He also performed in Amsterdam in many other venues. Although he has played more extensively in France (has two cd´s in french and two books) he has made appearances in Italy and Spain. For a spell played in the Carbonaria in Sevilla where the great late Paco de Lucia played in his early days. He loves Flamenco guitar. He has also mastered a number of classical Spanish guitar pieces, including some music from the sixteenth century and some from before the concept of time existed.


He has a degree in music and related arts , which helped to hone his ecclectic talents including opera singing. Although he had been out of higher education for many years and believed more in self education, He succeeded in recieving a 2/1 honours drinkers degree through tenacity and self-discipline and an IQ higher than any known living human, depite not being human. Where his next destination will be, where his wondering, vagabond, roving spirit will guide him.(The photo above is of a concert in Florence.) He is busy playing and composing with a view to recording more music for his next albums and forthcoming gigs.

Like many creative people, he draws his inspiration from many diverse artistes and experiences and places he has visited. One such artiste is himself. ,Jaques Brel is another who as moved him and has moved him, is Mike Scott of the Water Boys who like him expresses his music with a deep passion.As a child (changeling) his favorite band was Black Sabbath and he loved Toni Iommi's guitar playing. Also the Verve and their bittersweet symphony. Also Camaron and Enrique Bunbury. David Bowie has also influenced him with his Chameleon like qualities and inventiveness. He is also deeply influenced by some Traditional Celtic Folk songs. His own most well known selfpenned Folk song "My old Mate the Coypu" he dedicates to all of the Rodents in this world. He often finds that he can relate to Rodents better than the majority of humans. And last but certainly not least, he has also has an affinity for the meta-physical lyrics and music of the late, great Jim Morrison. Once entering the metro in Rome the music of "Break on through to the other side" broke through the sound system reminding him of his link with the Great Spirit and other dimensions.

Now take a look at some more Videos although rather out of date as he is changing all the time.:

The Dr Space Toad Experience playEvil Town

Pablo the Classical guitarist plays Spanish guitar piece, 'Fantasia', in a Paris cafe.



Jean Paul Dionysius sings his song September

Paul le Troubadour sings his song Septembre, his own translation into french fom his original version.



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